BASIX (Building Sustainability Index) - is being introduced by NSW Department of Infrastructure, Planning and Natural Resources, as a state leader in thermal assessments. A web based planning tool designed to assess the potential performance of new homes in Thermal Comfort and Energy ( water conservation is also included).

A BASIX Certificate will be required by Council at Development Application stage. This will confirm the house design and materials will comply with the mandatory reduction of 25% in energy and 40% in water consumption.

In Sydney this will be in force from the 1/7/04, with the rest of the state having to conform by 1/7/05. The aim is to reduce environmental impact and produce homes that are more comfortable and cheaper to run than most existing homes!

Renovations will be affected by 1/10/05 and from 1/7/06 all building works will be required to reduce energy consumption by 40%. Real reductions in overall conservation will not be made until retrospective regulations come in on existing housing stock. Watch this space! Improved thermal performance glass will be the norm not the exception.
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