AS3959 Building in Bush Fire Prone Areas, is a National Standard, that attempts to address bush fire issues.

However in NSW, the document specifically used as a benchmark by Council Authorities is:

Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2001 - necessary outlines are drawn to which a building is designed and designated a "bush fire category or level".

Windows, doors and screens must be adapted to suit the different categories/levels. A number of hardwood timbers deemed suitable are listed for use, glass is the weak point in any timber window or door - some councils will demand toughened glass, screens will require either aluminium, bronze or stainless steel mesh.

These strictures do have a big impact on cost, it is important to know what you can or can't do in these areas. Discuss your situation with your Local Council Authority, requirements do differ across councils.

You may need qualified assessment advice, that the council simply can't provide; "Asset Protection Zone Maintenance" offer a range of advice to enable work in Bush Fire areas try:


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