AS2047.1999 Windows in Buildings, is an evolving standard. External doors will soon be included. The performance criteria discusses:

Structural Design
Air Infiltration
Water Penetration

Structural Design
speaks for itself, a window needs to be able to stand up to the rigours of wind stresses/loads suitable for a specific location. This is imperative on coastal and exposed sites, where up to cyclonic conditions are experienced.

Air Infiltration, poor air infiltration allows air/drafts to blow through. If air can get in - so can sound and water! It obviously impacts on insulation. With the bulk of modern homes having some form of air conditioning poor air infiltration leads to :
  1. In winter - cold air is drawn in and adds significant cost to additional heating costs.
  2. In summer - hot air is drawn in, and adds significant cooling costs.
Be sure to get windows with an air conditioned rating! Poor air infiltration will add to the running costs of a home or building and is bad for the environment through wasted electricity. Coupled with poor sound properties and probable water penetration, you've got problems!

Water Penetration - speaks for itself, the lower the rating on a window, the more the chance it will leak. Unreliable windows are the biggest bug bear in the industry, causing not only cosmetic damage to decorations and interiors, but more importantly damage to the structure - causing damp fungi and rot! Never mind introducing health problems to the home or building.

Poor performing windows are an expensive problem to remedy! Problems can be avoided by buying good quality windows, which are backed by NATA Accredited results.

Speak to our Estimators, we manufacture custom built windows to suit the conditions thrown up in NSW; coastal areas demand top performance.
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