AS1288 Glass in Buildings, glass is becoming more and more important, in the way that windows and doors function!

Grade A Safety Glass is widely used as an alternative to standard glazing for reasons such as safety specific, laminates help reduce UV impact on furnishings and thicker glass does have better sound insulating qualities.

Contemporary designs of pivoting and sliding glass panels, laminated or toughened glass have found widespread use. Glass within 500mm of floor level (& possibly soon 700mm) must be Grade A Safety glass. Likewise anywhere in or around a door must be Grade A (or Grade B wired in certain conditions).

Louvres due to their application should be 6mm toughened, due to their risk of breakage.

There are various thicknesses of float glass for use in other applications (dependent on mt² and support) available. The important thing is design is not necessarily restricted by the various forms of glass available, in fact features can be created by the glass form eg. Slump glass.

The thermal performance of glazing is not included at this point in AS1288, but is drawn into the BASIX requirements.
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