The Regulators

Why do we need Regulators and Regulations?
To uphold the quality and performance of our Building Industry!

The Regulators in the Building Industry are:
  1. The Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) - through the "Building Code of Australia" (BCA).
  2. Standards Australia (Stds A) - through the adopted "Standards" pertinent to buildings.
  3. Local Councils - who administer the local building process.
The ABCB, try to determine the requirements of a "safe" built environment. Setting minimum levels of building performance, and ensuring future considerations are made for social (building) concerns eg. energy, sustainability, access and disability.

Stds A, take a technical approach to identifying industry - performance and application issues. Coordinating technical discussion panels, to agree, update and conclude on Standards which are hopefully appropriate to industry.
Local Council Authorities - seek reference from the BCA and Standards, for compliance to their requirements from the building industry practitioners. Thus ensuring at least a minimum performance for a reliable/functional building stock whether housing, residential or commercial.

Without confirmation of performance against the BCA and Stds A requirements, Council can (and do) withhold occupation certificates until such a time qualification is met.

The most referred to regulations which are mandatory by the BCA in NSW are:

AS2047.1999 Windows in Buildings
AS1288 Glass in Buildings
AS3959 Building in Bush Fire Prone Areas
NSW Dept of Infrastructure Planning & Natural Resources BASIX Requirements
Planning for Bush Fire Protection 2001

Compliance to the above, provides for a uniform industry, that ensures at least minimum design provisions, which will maintain the amenity of building works.

There is a true adage about the building industry "If it's too good to be true at the price, then that is usually the case!" And is particularly true where windows and doors are concerned! It would be an expensive exercise to pull out a houseful of windows and doors because they don't comply with the relevant requirements.
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