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Window and Door Selection
Over the years at Artarmon Joinery, we have found with clients, their first impression is "windows are windows and doors are doors".

The perception of quality and the differences there in are not consciously considered.

After a trip to our showroom and we explain the differences in quality manufacturing techniques, timbers and glazing; we will open up a new awareness, enabling proper value decisions about windows and doors.

Part of the process is being aware of what type of window or door affects a room and how that room affects the whole house design.

Glazing Area

The Glazing area in percentage terms that should be considered as a minimum is 22% of the rooms floor space, good house design will increase this percentage significantly, so creating a healthy, cost effective home.

A broad statement but when we consider the amount of natural light and heat we need in our rooms, our clients think this is very important! For social, economic and energy conservation reasons to name a few.

Daylight and passive heat gain/loss distribution in a room is affected by:

· Orientation i.e. the way a room faces North,
  South, East or West

· Shapes (bay windows etc) and their

· Type of glass e.g. tinted windows have a light
  limiting effect

· The room decoration i.e. does it reflect light
  around with bright finishing

· What shade controls are to be used e.g.
  awning shades, blinds

The North elevation, is where glazing use should be maximised; to take advantage of light and passive solar energy (we can have a marked effect on light and heating costs) during autumn and winter.

South, West and Eastly elevations bring their own individual challenges.

There is an extensive range of glass, with vastly different performance properties to maximise the effectiveness of glazed areas.


Glazing has an impact on the Acoustic Performance of the whole house!

Different types of glazing can help control sound.

Do you have a room for reading? Do the kids……


Ventilation is the key to summer occupational comfort.

Why use air conditioners, which dry the throat, when well placed windows can supply adequate air movement to provide a comfortable home environment for free! Ecologically this has to be good.

Use positioning of windows and doors to allow good cross ventilation.

Human Impact

There are different types of Safety Glass, Grade A laminated, toughened, Grade B which is wired, are the major ones.

If you suspect an area in your home is open to a glazing injury through impact, safety glass must be used. Some safety glasses are better suited to different areas, please ask we can explain.

Selection Summary

A window is a window and a door is a door, hopefully your answer to this question is no, there is much to consider:

· Best daylight usage
· Best use of passive solar heat gain
· Comfortable ventilation
· Window performance in wind/rain conditions
· Access
· Human Impact Safety

The right selection will give years of safe, comfortable living, with the added benefit of helping to control bills and the environment by reducing the use of electricity.


Air infiltration is a problem for windows and doors, because if air can get in, water and sound can get in just as easy!

One way is to use seals, which provide a way of controlling infiltration. Installing appropriate seals at the point of manufacture is a cost effective exercise;becoming much more expensive if done at a later date!

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