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The Environment and Energy Conservation, is being discussed more and more. And rightly so!

We have a duty to the generations which follow, to be able to live in a comfortable environment - just like we have done, without fears to their health, knowing their way of life will be preserved.
Environment & Energy
The Environment & Energy topics run hand in hand, one does impact directly on the other, Artarmon Joinery not only uses quality timber, but for all our sakes we use Environmentally Friendly, sustainable timber from managed forests.

What does that mean to the consumer?

If the timbers we use are from Certified Managed Sources you can rest easy knowing that the timber being used is from a managed source. Where there is a plan for timber to be harvested yes, but also there is a plan for the same forests to be re planted for regeneration of the forest, to maintain the balance of requirements between the Environment and You the home owner.

Sustainable forests mean that our farmers can farm their timber into the future knowing the benefit of the trees, absorbing green house gases will continue into the long term future.

Why Timber NOT Aluminium?

Timber has aesthetic appeal which aluminium cannot reach.

That warm, natural charm - which sets off not only the distinct setting of your home, but the ambience which timber windows and doors lend to interior decoration and styling.

Well maintained timber windows will last for generations, as observed in many heritage listed buildings, this has to be good for the environment.

Aluminium windows, are affected by salt damage, a known fact to the industry, once tarnished how can this be rectified?

The real problem with Aluminium can be directly found from Embodied Energy Investigations which discuss energy consumption to manufacture different products and materials used. This table discusses aluminium v timber:

 Material  Energy Used in production
 Carbon Released
 Carbon Stored
 Timber 750 15
 Aluminium 1,100,000 22,000

The Energy consumed processing aluminium is massive in comparison, when this is combined with the carbon released during the process we get an insight into what’s happening with greenhouse gas emissions!

The thermal performance of timber in doors and windows is better, this all helps with containing the Energy (whether embodied or other) spent within a home.

There are also improved glazing choices which can be incorporated to enhance the thermal performance of your doors and windows, come into our showroom and investigate the options for yourself! You can also find more information on glazing in “Our Products” Click here.

We have to live in our Environment now, for the sakes of each and every one of us, surely timber is a key to the future, whilst maintaining its luxurious appeal.
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